Typography is a collective from russia that still sees art as a discursive power. 

Until February 24, 2022, we worked in Krasnodar, focusing on the local context. You can read about it on the old website. After the start of a full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine and the registration of Typography as a foreign agent, we were forced to suspend public activities, close our space down, and leave russia. 

Since February 24, we were working non-publicly — organizing a residence in Yerevan; KICA — Krasnodar Institute of Contemporary Art; and Fantasia Community Radio

This website comes out of a desire to return to the public field and continue the conversation about things that are important to us: war, decolonial possibility, forced migration, and state violence. 

In our first project, Translocal Dialogues on Home, Migration and Solidarity, we invite artists, activists, researchers and cultural workers from different contexts to talk with each other. 

Translocal Dialogues on Home, Migration and Solidarity

I could suggest we call up again

Anna Li, Zhenya Skvortsova, Ann Dmitrieva

Anna Li’s conversations about the loss of home, atypical physicality, and its representation and interaction with the russian cultural context in Second Life

Our silence will not protect us

Stepan Subbotin, Marianna Kruchinski, Elena Ishchenko

Long discussion about strategies and tactics of Typography’s work in the past and present — collectivity, economics, locality, and political subjectivity.

The smelly pen is the expression of space-time

Neseine Toholya, Martha Dashiin

The third — and the last — conversation with Neseine Toholya: they recall the objects containing the space-time continuum of their Homes with decolonial researcher Martha Dashiin

I’m sorry you can’t find your cream

Neseine Toholya, ~several

The second conversation with Neseine Toholya: artist and activist ~several talks about the class aspect of migration and the experience of losing privileges.